We continue with the basic Spanish course and in this class, we will see the professions. The first thing we will see will be some of the best-known professions.

The gender of nouns

Nouns referring to things can be masculine or femenine:

  • El libro – la ventana

Nouns referring to people and animals are masculine and femenine:

  • El gato – la gata
  • El profesor – la profesora
  • El hombre – la mujer

In the case of the names of professions:

  • If the masculine ends in o-, this changes to -a:
    • el abogado – la abogada
  • If the masculine ends in a consonant, add -a:
    • el pintor – la pintora
  • If the masculine ends in -e, in some cases it stays the same, in others it changes to -a:
    • el estudiante – la estudiante
    • el presidente – la presidenta
  • If the masculine ends in -ista, there is no change.
    • el taxista – la taxista

Once you have seen the professions, it is important that you see how to ask the profession to another person. For this as always, we have a formal form (you) and an informal form (you). Watch this second video before doing the quiz.

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