The future that awaits us

In today’s class, we will talk about the future that awaits us.

How do you think life will be without plastic? Is it possible to live in a world without plastic? Will it still be used with the same frequency? Will its use be reduced?

Plastic is present in many everyday objects. Well, we will talk about all this and, of course, we will review the rules of the future.

Next, let’s see the conjugation rules. In Spanish, we classify words into three groups according to their tonic syllable.

  • Agudas: his stressed syllable is the last one: cantar, avión, pantalón, francés, alemán, etc.
  • Llanas: its stressed syllable is the second from last: difícil, Pedro, fácil, Pérez, árbol, etc.
  • Esdrújulas: its tonic syllable is the third from last: música, fábrica, esdrújula, etc.

The key to this classification is to know why some have accent mark and others do not.

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