What are the stereotypes for the different regions of Spain?

Spain, like other countries, has different stereotypes depending on the region we are talking about.

In the last episode, we were talking about the different regions of Spain. Today we are going to talk about stereotypes.

It is not my intention to reinforce prejudices or say they are real. What is my purpose then? To inform you. Whether they’re right or wrong, they play a significant role in our culture, in our jokes, and in the way we look at the different areas of Spain.

Everything I am going to say is based on a study that was done in 1994.

  1. Las Islas Canarias: funny, they party a lot and they are a bit lazy.
  2. Andalucía: funny, they party, bit lazy and they talk a lot.
  3. Murcia: lazy, illiterate people, they party a lot.
  4. Valencia: Funny, proud, party and drugs.
  5. Extremadura: illiterate and lazy.
  6. Castilla la Mancha: serious, simple and conservatives.
  7. Castilla y León: serious, simple and conservatives.
  8. Madrid: Conceited people.
  9. Aragón: brute people, they yell a lot and they’re a bit stubborn.
  10. Cataluña: They want to be independent and they don’t want to spend a penny.
  11. Islas Baleares: reserved people, they don’t easily share their private life.
  12. Asturias: They’re very nationalists and they drink a lot.
  13. Cantabria: They are always talking about their region because they love it and they think is the best.
  14. Galicia: indecisive people, they can’t make up their minds.
  15. Navarra: Brute people.
  16. País Vasco: They all want to be independent and they’re brute people, beasts, animals.
  17. La Rioja: They drink too much.
  18. Ceuta y Melilla.

Buzzfeed also made a map of regional stereotypes. They are slightly different from the previous research, but I can say that they also correspond to what the Spanish think.

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