Why do Spanish people laugh with j instead of h?

I am sure that many of you who are reading this wonder why native Spanish speakers laugh using “jaja” instead of the regular “haha” that the whole world uses. am I right?

The answer is simple. The letter “h” in Spanish has no sound. That’s why words like “hola” which means “hello” and “ola” which means “wave”, sound the same.

In Spanish, there is no sound like the “h” sound in the English word “hotel”. The closest we have is the “j” but it sounds a bit stronger. If you ever heard a native Spanish saying “Hello” with a stronger “h” sound you know what I am saying.

Since the “h” is silent and the closest sound we have to the English “h” is “j”, the only way we can laugh is like this “jajaja”

I hope it all makes sense now. I will leave a video below so you can hear.

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